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Jun 23, 2017


We chat with filmmaker George Trimm about his recent trip south with Banks Comrade Jared Mell.

"Usually you go on a surf trip and you're kinda semi-tourist in a sense, but whatever you can do to get far away from being a clueless tourist is the best. In this situation it felt like it was our house, our place. Super rare, but it made the trip all the better." - Trimm

Photo of Jared Mell Noseriding into the Sunset
Photo: Ryan Donahue


I think it was that session we got with those nice little barrels. I had my canteen and accidentally poured way too much rum in it with some Coca Cola. I was filming at the time and every time he'd get a wave, I'd take a swig, not realizing how much rum was in there. He got out and handed me his surfboard so I could catch a few, I ended up getting some sick ones, but I was probably surfing way better in my head than what it looked like from the beach haha.

Jared Mell looking out the windshield in Costa Rica
Photo: George Trimm


We're driving our car and we get to the top of this hill and the car dies, stalls flat. We found ourselves under the one shady tree in sight and of course it's the hottest time of the day, crazy jungle. And we sit there for 20 minutes trying to jumpstart the car, wasn't working, so we push the car back up the hill and we kickstart it and it's going and we're like running behind it and he like slows down to let us in and it dies... So we have to push it all the way back up this hill and try again, singing the song 'If at first you don't succeed...pick yourself back up and try again.' haha. And we do it and he's not stopping this time, so we're left running as fast as we can to catch up to the car. Meanwhile I've got my still camera in my hand and they open the door and I'm there running next to it and trying to figure out how to jump in the car without killing myself or breaking all my gear. I just went for it, made the jump into the car and we just started cheering and laughing, such a fun time. Those are the fun parts of those trips, like Little Miss Sunshine shit. It was pretty cool man, I mean we could see the waves, they were perfect, we just had to figure out how to get there and we did it! So we get down to the beach and the waves ended up being like 15ft maxed out-double ups, too gnarly. No one was surfing, it was nuts. Those are the best memories though from trips like these, when things go bad or wrong and how you overcome em. 

Photo of Jared Mell pulling into a backlit barrel in Costa Rica
Photo: Ryan Donahue

The next day, we just stuck it out at the break out front, that had been enough adventure for us for a bit, and Jared ended up scoring, that's where a lot of the footage comes from is that day. Little nice clean barrels. 

Photo of Jared Mell Walking through Costa Rican mangroves
Photo: George Trimm


You know what they say about walking those roads down there at night, right? Limona. Have you heard the legend of Limona? It's this half-woman, half-ape. It's a real folklore story. She really likes men, and if you're walking you're bound to be a target. Our buddy was retelling this story to this guy and he fully turned white...'I was walking down this dark road and all of a sudden, I felt someone's hand brush the back of my hand, and I look over and it was....LIMONA!' I dunno, maybe it's true, uhhh probably not, but I guess it's like Chupacabra, you never know. They also say there's this black panther down there, El Pantera, that's a magical panther. Luckily this time we didn't encounter either of these beasts.

Photo of Jared Mell getting a layback barrel on a longboard in Costa Rica
Photo: Ryan Donahue


We went in with a purpose, had the video projected on the wall in the studio. We had the concept, jammed a Cramps-style song a few times, and then spent all day setting up the mics and speakers in the right spots in the room to get the recording just right. The last take we did just lined up and worked. Usually you take pieces from a few jams and splice them together, but this really lined up and worked perfectly. Was cool to nail the track in a single jam, there's an improvy tone to it that made it a bit magical and unique. Music is so broad, you're usually dancing in this big oblivion of possibilities, but when you can narrow it down and you know what you want, it's fun, because it's not overwhelming.

Photo of Jared Mell Searching for waves in a Banks Journal tee shirt in Costa Rica
Photo: George Trimm


You've gotta be ready at a moment's notice to hop in the car and hit the road. It takes just one person to blow it by forgetting wax, or forgetting their lens, or whatever it is. Always be the first one out the door when you're on a surf trip. There's always a weakest link on a trip, and I love when I'm not it. Cuz I've been it so many times haha! Honestly though, if you're lagging, you don't know what you're missing.

Photo of Jared Mell on an empty Costa Rican beach
Photo: George Trimm


Central America is really amazing and it's not as scary as everyone thinks. Go out and explore it. It's worth the trip. Dude it's so fun down there, I had the best time. Thanks Banks!

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