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Mar 21, 2018


We visit with photographer John Hook to chat about our our recent collaboration.

Most often found shooting film, Hawaiian transplant John Hook uses his local knowledge to translate the surrounding island scenery into beautifully candid and unique moments in time.

Black and white photo by John Hook of two groms watching Pipeline

Exuding a wide range of emotions from behind a lens, he has an innate ability to tell multiple stories with a single capture and leave you with a strong desire to move to a far off island paradise.

Silhouette photo of a longboarder in Hawaii by John Hook

We asked John Hook to collaborate with us on a few organic cotton tees, featuring a few of his favorite and iconic images from his local haunts. Known as the Banks Journal Studio, our mission is to create an ongoing series of opportunities to merge creative artists with our organic, premium apparel. Think of it as an alternate canvas for some of our friends and creators.

tourists floating around at Waikiki Beach by photographer John Hook

Double exposure photo of a surfer and palm tree by John Hook for Banks Journal Studio

The above two images are the shots that John Hook chose to use for our limited range of tee shirts. Feel free to click the images above to view the final product!

Dolphins in Hawaiian waters or are those sharks? by John Hook

Photo of Kahana Kalama surfing in Hawaii in Banks Journal boardshorts by John Hook

photo of coconuts and palm tree reflections in the water by John Hook

rainy day surfers in Hawaii by John Hook

sunset pipeline photo by John Hook

You can view the entire Banks Journal Studio Collection here 
featuring imagery by John Hook. Also be sure to follow along his #EverydayJourneys via his Instagram @john_hook.

Photo of John Hook in a Banks Journal wetsuit by Evan Schell

Much thanks to filmer and photographer, Evan Schell, for shooting and directing the wonderful video and providing some amazing photos of his time spent with John Hook, like the one above. To see more of Evan's work, follow him on his Instagram @theslipperysaltwaterchronicles


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